Our consultants are energetic professionals with a passion for the business. The strategy of your company is the focal point in each assignment they do for you. In everything they do, they are busy Mobilizing People to Perform – however technical the assignment. All of our consultants are a member of the Dutch Order of Management Consultants (Ooa) and several of them are Certified Management Consultant (CMC). This shows in the way they operate: sincere, professional and independent.

Our consultants have been successful in different branches and subjects making them a very complementary and effective team. They integrate their long experience as professionals in their role as consultant and/or interim manager. They have experience in both the profit and the not-for-profit sectors, in the Netherlands and beyond and in various types of organizations. Our consultants know how to run projects and apply the appropriate methods – together with you and in such a way that you can take over smoothly once things are running as they should. They are able to analyze complex situations, translate strategic problems into operational plans and ensure that the required change is implemented – by facilitating it or roll up their sleeves themselves and do it with you. Moreover, our consultants are very good at facilitating individuals and groups in order to achieve a goal.

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More information will follow soon. 
More information will follow soon.