Mechtild Alferink started her career as a teacher of psychology and sociology, but she mainly worked in education management as a coordinator of a number of training courses and as a department director. The dynamics of the implementation of changes was and is what particularly appeals to her. At the same time Mechtild did a master´s in International School Leadership at the University of Amsterdam.

In 1994, Mechtild exchanged the world of education for the business community. For over seven years she filled several positions in the field of Human Resources for the Swedish company Electrolux – from Head of Education through in-house consultant to Manager Human Resources Region West. Within this multinational Mechtild learned the tricks of the HR trade, such as the implementation of Total Quality Management and Performance Management, and co-foundation of ‘Electrolux University’ in collaboration with Management College Ashridge, where she took a course in International Business Leadership herself. She also implemented a large-scale reorganization within the Benelux countries starting from her HR responsibility.

Headquarters in Stockholm asked Mechtild to develop a program, in collaboration with an external agency, for the European managers enabling them to take on responsibility for a part of the HR tasks. This is where she witnessed the work of management consultants and where she found out that her passion for working with people in various organizations and helping them grow would come out best in the world of management consultancy.

Mechtild has worked as a senior consultant for ASI Consulting Netherlands since 2000. Her specialties include leadership development, behavioral change in organizations, individual and team assessments (acknowledged for BPPA, CPI and KOAN Personality Indicator) and obviously HR. She has filled the roles of consultant, interim manager, coach, trainer and facilitator in the fields of human growth in relation to organizational development. Recently, Mechtild graduated from the masterclass in Psychology at Nyenrode University.

Working at ASI Consulting keeps you sharp-minded and energetic! If you want to be successful in this field of work, you shouldn’t be too fond of routine. You will continuously face new challenges and you have to keep your mind in optimal condition in order to find the right solutions to difficult problems, together with our relations. You act as a ‘practical intellectual’ translating theory into practice. It is truly a wonderful feeling when results become noticeable.

Seeing people grow makes my heart quicken. This is most directly visible in facilitators that we train within our behavioral change programs. On the first day we observe red blotches and quavering voices. On the second day they show more nerve already. When they come back after having acquired practical experience, they have already grown to such an extent that we are almost competitors. That’s wonderful!

Mobilizing people to perform in due form.