Rob is partner at ASI Consulting and has been active in consultancy since 1974.

"Being a management consultant has become a lifestyle. Every new organization and every new client appeals to my creativity and feeds my curiosity. Will I once again be able to make this assignment a success?

After almost 35 years the profession is still very much alive for me. Being engaged in present-day topics, such as sustainability and China, with diversity and complex behavioral change, keeps you fresh and sharp-minded.

Over the years, I have been active with and in several consultancy firms which has enabled me to get to know the field in all its aspects. All this experience has now been combined in ASI Consulting, an internationally operating firm on its way to further expansion.

As an old-timer in the field I receive other requests than before. Coaching for instance has entered my professional life, which I consider a natural and pleasant part of my practice.

Fortunately there has always been room for additional jobs. In the last few years I have put a lot of time and effort in the profession, in addition to board memberships and commissioner’s posts. After my resignation as chairman of the Dutch Order of Management Consultants (OOA), I became a member of the Executive Committee of ICMCI, the International Council of Management Consulting Institutes in the fall of 2007 and resigned from this post in 2013. The Dutch King appointed me in 2014  Knight in the Orde of Oranje Nassau which I felt as a real reward for my long years voluntarlly performing for professional institutes.


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