The shortest way to render the essence of our contribution in this field is our motto:

Mobilizing people to perform
Mobilizing is a mixture of translating ambition into actual behavior, training skills, building energy and working on progress and results. This is how we achieve proven performance improvement. In all our assignments, however technical in nature, we make the connection with the human side of things. Key element in this is the connection with the organization’s objectives. We know how to encourage people to perform to the best of their abilities and to enjoy what they are doing. Our assignments are aimed at the individual, the team and the organization or at a combination of these three.

We coach people in choosing a new direction in their career or in realizing a breakthrough in their current job. Our coaching programs are generally of a practical nature and aimed at personal growth in work. The intake offers room for coach and coachee to make a connection. Beforehand, the number of sessions is determined and a coaching contract is drawn up. In some instances, we recommend a test which can serve as a starting point. We have several options at your disposal, such as KOAN, ALTI or Management Drives
We regularly carry out assessments as part of recruitment and selection. For a well-known agency we perform assessments as an independent addition to their own counselling. The assessments are extended into development centers, if so desired.

ASI Consulting has many years’ experience in training courses for managers and professionals. We offer ‘tailor-made’ courses based on many existing programs and methods. In recent years we have specialized in programs for professionals such as attorneys, accountants, lawyers and management consultants.

We counsel teams and their managers. Often the key is to ‘detangle’ management teams. We recognize collaboration patterns and are able to point them out respectfully. We provide direct feedback to current issues and we formulate concrete ‘handles’ for improvement. We always conclude with concrete actions. We often deploy Management Drives as an instrument for teams.

We are very experienced in complex change programs. Over the years we have developed a vision and methodology aimed in particular at change programs with a large behavioral component.

This vision has the following principles:

Successful change implementation is only partly dependent on systems and structures.
Explicit and structured attention to behavior and behavior development is necessary.
The individual is the starting point for each behavioral change.
In a good change process, a concrete connection between current behavior and desirable behavior will originate on three levels:

  • The individual
  • The group
  • The organization

Based on these principles we have developed a methodology known as the New Way of Working.



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