Careful alignment of business processes and the strategy of the company or organization is to a large extent key in determining its success. Particularly in a weak economy it is essential to make sure that:


  • All processes go as efficiently as possible,
  • The required quality is delivered, and
  • All steps actually add value.


Are you able to tune your services completely to your clients’ expectations? Is your staff doing what they should do? Are you working in a cost-cutting but at the same time flexible and reliable manner? And what about the extent to which your staff is self-managing in order to make all this happen? Are you capable of successfully warding off the risks that may threaten your business, institution or department?


These questions come up in many an organization and (government) institution. ASI Consulting helps organizations to answer in the affirmative. We assist your organization in focusing on the right activities, on achieving quality and on listening to your clients even better.


Whether it’s about entire Six Sigma programs, the implementation of Lean, or the ‘voice of the customer’ that you strive to get across in your company, we possess the knowledge and expertise to assist you to the optimum extent. In order to do this, we focus entirely on the people, in addition to the substance. After all, people largely determine the success of the change.

Among other things, we can help you with:


  • alignment of business processes and strategy
  • cost reduction in primary and secondary processes
  • implementation of efficiency and continuous improvements (quality management, Lean, Six Sigma)
  • process management and optimized control of processes
  • risk management within business processes


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